Forcite MK1 Cheek Pad (Pair)

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Forcite MK1 replacement cheek padding.

Antibacterial premium padding.

Each comes with a Left and Right cheek pad.

4-Pin safe secure system.


  • XS - 35mm

  • S - 30mm

  • M - 25mm

  • L - XL - 20mm


The Forcite MK1 cheek padding is made out of anti-microbial bamboo fibres, allowing for sweat-wicking, fast drying and excellent levels of comfort and support.

Each side of the MK1 cheek padding comes equipped with emergency pull-tags as well as antibacterial and anti-odour properties.

Our MK1 cheek padding sets are fitted into the MK1 helmets using our safe and secure 4-pin system.


Please make sure you double-check the size you need before purchase as this is a non-refundable item due to hygienic and hazardous material reasons.

Forcite is not responsible for any additional padding fitted to your helmet, customers must correctly fit cheek paddings into the helmet in accordance with the manufacturer's safety guidelines.